We were helped by 2nd chance

Jada Cacchilli 

Was a member of season 12 & 13 of "Bad Girls Club" on the Oxygen network. She struggled after the show ended, but 2nd Chance helped to get her back on her feet by promoting her debut single, "Girls Around the World" in turn, ending up on Top 10 of the Billboard charts in 2015.

  1. Frankee Razor (0:50) - singer, song-writer, was a finalist on Season One of "American Idol." 
  2. Jon Jon (1:14) - lead singer of grammy award-winning group "Troop"  
  3. Monica Smith (1:31) - aspiring model; 2nd Chance linked Monica to be one of the contestants for "America's Next Top Model" TV show.

Camille Sade -

Aspiring singer and songwriter whom 2nd Chance helped to promote her musicW