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“2nd Chance” TV show commercial

 2nd Chance is a show that unites people who do not have the resources or qualifications to find the assistance they need. Life is full of bumps in the road & we are all human. Every man, woman, and child will face adversity at some point or another throughout their lifetime. Life is precious and therefore it [life] must be held sacred in the highest regard. Most often people face challenges alone with no help of any kind, feeling isolated. 2nd Chance helps those who have lost hope entirely and believe whole-heartedly that they will never find the help they so desperately desire. But they intend to change all that by helping with any life-crisis situation! They aim to empower individuals who would otherwise rely on government assistance. The show focuses on those in need of organ transplants, stem cell therapy treatments, child and foster care services, disease prevention, prison reform, drug and rehab help, homelessness, those who are in need of employment or who are struggling with their finances, and so much more. They help to find, coordinate, and maintain successful relationships between those that need help and those that want to offer help.

Founders & Co-Owner on DailyMailTV

DailyMailTV world news features 2nd Chance Co-Owner, Michael “Harry-O” Harris & interviews Founders, Paul & Tiffany Nutall, about how they have joined together to make the world a better place through their 2nd Chance organization. 

* To read more about the 2nd Chance organization & Co-Owner, Michael “Harry-O” Harris, Read the article written by DailyMailTV.

"2nd Chance"TV show Intro

   These series of back-to-back tragedies should have caused him to give up hope, but instead it motivated & strengthened Paul's faith to continue pushing forward in life to reaching his goals. Now he has created "2nd Chance" TV show, to serve his own justice through the lives of others. 

Daytime shows with Kimberly & Esteban

Dec. 19th - Paul Nutall shares what inspired him to found ”2nd Chance” on Daytime with Kimberly & Esteban!

Great Day SA on KENS5 News

Paul Nutall, CEO & Founder of 2nd Chance organization speaks more on “2nd chance” TV show, coming soon in the Link below:


Interview with OMGossip

Founders, Paul & Tiffany Nutall on OMGossip celebrity news channel with host, Jeremy Hassell, sharing their upcoming TV show - coming soon on a Major network, ready to save countless lives!


Founder, Paul Nutall, with Black Video News host, Keith Scott. Sharing more about his upcoming TV show "2nd Chance," and how it will save many lives all over his hometown of San Antonio, Texas!

NAPPY ROOTZ, in need of a 2nd Chance

Member of the Grammy award-winning rap music group, Nappy Rootz, in need of a 2nd Chance in his music career.